Oh, America

I hear many Christians complaining about the current state of American politics. Some are ticked off about the war, others about scientific research, and still others about heading towards socialism. I don’t even like any of the presidential candidates for various reasons (my guy already backed out of the race…I’ll leave that a mystery so I don’t lose my job!). Come election time, I will really have to evaluate how to use my one vote. And I do plan on using it.

I hear people quitting on politics, saying such dramatic things as “I don’t want to have a role in a country that promotes their own values on other less fortunate countries.” Or “I’m not voting because nobody deserves my vote” or “I hate democrats and they’re going to win anyway so why bother.”

Here’s why we should bother: Because Christ calls his followers to be good citizens. I could go on a rant about giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but I don’t feel like ranting. We just had a time change and that’s enough to mess me up for awhile. But this complacent, passive attitude by American citizens can lead to bad things (to use some grown up words). I’ve heard the saying if you don’t use it you lose it. How many people will want to vote when it isn’t an option anymore?

We have judges in California saying that parents shouldn’t have the constitutional right to choose schooling for their children. We have corporations that have governmental approval to abuse and steal rights from individuals (see microsoft, apple, the music industry, Hollywood, etc.) So my vote matters because I hope the next president doesn’t continue with this no child left behind nonsense. I hope that judges can be put in place that can differentiate between right and wrong and decide accordingly. I hope to hold on to my freedoms as an individual (such as voting and choosing where my kid goes to school). I hope to live in a country that defends itself and stands up for what is moral and right and good.

And so it is that I have quite a dilemma come November. Who the heck is going to screw it up the least?


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