Home Town Fan

I’m a homer. But please don’t quote me on that, especially out of context. I love rooting for the home team–not just any home team, but my home team. I grew up watching the Broncos with my dad. We were never allowed to have the TV on during dinner, except on Sundays when the Donkeys were on. We frequently attended Denver Zephyr games. That’s right, the minor league team before the Rockies showed up. We went to Rockies games together, too. I remember listening to the Avs their first yeat here. My dad in the recliner, me stretched out on the couch, we both snoozed on and off as game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals went into overtime. And then another overtime. When Uwe Krupp finally scored the winning goal my dad and I share a celebratory cheer, turned the radio off, and went to bed. I also remember going to Nuggets games at the old McNichols Arena when the Nugs had the rainbow unis.

This isn’t supposed to be a trip down memory lane, but I’m sitting on the couch writing this blog with 850 KOA blasting the Rockies game in the background. They just gave up 10 runs to the Dodgers in the bottom of the first inning. Earlier today, the Nuggets got smashed by the Lakers and the Red Wings pooped on the Avs. And the Broncos drafted a lineman and a wide receiver in the NFL draft.

All of this to say: I love rooting for the home team.

Several years ago, the Boston Red Sox came to town and my buddy Dan took me to the game. We both wore Boston stuff. At the game, I clapped when Johnny Damon (traitor) hit a double, and stood up cheering when Todd Helton drove in a run. The Boston fan behind me punched me in the back of head and called me something in Bostonian. I returned the favor, shoved him, and shared another Boston Pleasentry in his honor. The cool thing about guys is they can fight and then sit down and chill out. A few innings later, when we were all chillin, they asked why I would wear Boston and root Colorado. What a numbskull. I told him that the Sox were my favorite AL team, but that I always root for the home team (I didn’t go into the whole history that I did in the previous paragraphs). By the way, I haven’t worn my Red Sox hat since they slaughtered the Rox in the World Series. I’m just sayin.

I like other teams as well, usually justifying it with friends and family. I like the Milwaukee Brewers because my in-laws live nearby. I cheer for the Steelers for my brother-in-law (unless they’re playing the Broncos…sorry Gary). I try to be happy for the Seahawks and Bears, but my friendships aren’t dependent on my liking them. I can root for Oregon University. However, no matter who you are or what you mean to me, I will never like some teams, especially if they are from New York. (I admit I did root for the Giants during the Super Bowl, mainly because of the team I’m about to mention). I hope the Patriots get chronic diarrhea and have to join the Arena Football league. The Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders, KC Chiefs, SD Chargers, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Red Wings, Notre Dame (edit) and anything soccer. The world would be a better place without these teams.

Wait. I take that back. It’s a good day when a Colorado team lays a smack down on any of the above mentioned teams. It might not happen very often, but hey, I’m a homer.


3 thoughts on “Home Town Fan

  1. Thanks for cheering on the University of Oregon Ducks, they generally need all the help they can get. 🙂 We have been cheering on the Av’s even if they haven’t been doing too well, sort of a home team thing even if I haven’t lived in CO for 24 years. Ahhh, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

  2. Must…get…back…to…Colorado…

    I’m gone but not by choice, only 9 years, one month and one day until I qualify for military retirement and get to go back home to God’s country full time.

    It was all I could do not to teach my kids some new words during the second period of the debacle in the Joe yesterday…It wasn’t so much that they got stomped, it’s that they didn’t bother to show up!

    BTW – nice list of teams upon which we can all poop. To that list, I would add Notre Dame – I’m sure you remember that game at Falcon Stadium where you and Garrett came down…

    Anyway, lest I leave you thinking that I’m totally bitter, I have to point out that there are Denver faithful everywhere. Just Friday, I saw a guy with a Super Joe Sakic wallpaper and we were instant friends. A year ago, I wore my Bronco hat to the Gasparilla parade in Tampa and one of the 500,000 other people there was a huge Bronco fan. He announced himself by yelling “Cutler for President” and we had quite a nice conversation thank you very much…

    9 years, one month, one day and now five minutes less.

    Great post bro!


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