You’re Supposed To…

Wow.  I haven’t written in over two weeks and I’m still averaging 5-6 hits a day.  Thank you all for checking in.  It could only be one of you obsessing over my life.  Freaky.

A teacher doing hall duty heard the following conversation this past week:

Girl: Check out my new purity ring.  I got it this weekend; I think it’s pretty cool.

Guy:  What’s that for?

Girl:  Not having sex.

Guy:  But we’re in high school.  You’re supposed to have sex.

Girl: It doesn’t mean I can’t do other things…

And that’s all that really needs to be relayed.  Several issues come to a head here (sorry, bad pun).  For starters, good for her for celebrating a commitment to be pure.  Before I rant about everything else in the conversation, it appears as if this girl doesn’t want to risk disease, pregnancy or whatever before she gets married.  It’s a nice notion, but that’s all it is.

Purity goes way beyond the actual act of intercourse.  Now I sound like I’m 80.  Great.  There is a high percentage of kids that think actually doin it is out of line, but oral sex and a variety of other partakings is okay.  As long as the pin stays out of the whole while on the putting green (I need to go golfing already).

What they may not know is that the strand of disease found in cervical cancer is now showing up in guys’ throats.  Weird.  How does that happen?  Yup.  Enough said.

Or is it?  I think it’s unfortunate that purity isn’t considered to extend beyond phallic horseshoes (Got a ringer!!!!).  These kids see it as avoiding one simple activity rather than a way of life.  This would be a nice time to dis the media and say what every other abstinence coach says, so I’ll abstain.  Good one.  I am thankful though that I didn’t have to think of my wife being the cue ball in a dive bar, or that my wife didn’t have to worry about me being the town fucking post (as it’s worded in a poem by a libertine in the 19th century).  People see this whole thing as a way to feel good, live life, feel the rush, whatever.  These kids don’t see it as the greatest possible connection between a man and a woman, the closest two people can be emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So here’s to abstinence, jewelry, and marriage.  Hopefully the purity ring doesn’t dissolve in harlot’s jewelry.


2 thoughts on “You’re Supposed To…

  1. First F bomb…nice!

    Your post reminds me of Josh Harris, the guy who wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” His main point was that, as believers, we are much better off if we pursue purity and holiness rather than draw a line in the sand (of whatever sin we’re trying to avoid) and then spend all of our time trying to see how close we can get without going over…it’s a whole different mindset that seems to be lost on just about everybody these days.

    Of course, if you remember our own high school experiences, not a whole lot has changed…they’re just a little more open about it these days. In school even!

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