Hello, 30

So I turn 30 today.  I’ve already received heaps of insults on facebook and myspace for being old, bald, and gaseous.  Two out of the three are nothing new.  But am I really that old?  My students say yes, my elders say NO and my peers say nothing.  But according to the ancient Egyptians, I’m ancient; according to Methuselah I should reach puberty in the next 70 years or so.  So what do I do with this 30 business?

Nothing.  And here’s why.  I’ve been thinking back on my first 30 and there’s been a lot goings on.  Sure, I’m more tired now than I was when I was 21, and I can’t play video games all day everyday with the guys, and I have to do the dishes a bit more often.  But I’m married, own a house, have a dog, teach at D’Evelyn, and about to become a dad.  All of these take a lot out of a guy, but I haven’t even tapped into who God wants me to be or what He wants me to accomplish.

I still have dreams because I hope that I haven’t peaked professionally.  I still think there’s more to life than being an English teacher.  Literature is cool, teaching is cool, kids are cool, and getting to go to games, plays, musicals, and prom for free are super cool.  Okay, maybe not the prom bit, I recant that.  But I still have dreams of publishing, writing, teaching creative writing at the college level, teaching and writing for churches, the list goes on and on.  This type of dreaming drives my wife absolutely crazy.  She likes to live in the now and helps me remember that I am where I am for a reason and I need to appreciate that.  I help her dream so it works out nicely.

I may be old and farty, but I feel like I’m just getting going.  I understand more than ever before, but feel like I don’t understand anything.  My heart longs for God more than ever before, and I’m excited to see what he does with me.  I could be gone tomorrow, I could have 33 years left and follow in my father’s steps, or I may have 70 left in me.  All I know is I have 30 down, and I hope that I’ve reconciled the bridges I’ve burned, loved those around me, and made the most out of the hand God has dealt.  Bring it on life, I dare you to make me truly old!


2 thoughts on “Hello, 30

  1. Hey Little brother, 30 isn’t old! Just wait until you reach 40, that feels old. Anyway a very happy birthday to you! You have a big year ahead of you with lots of changes, enjoy them.


  2. Thanks, Ski. If my eyes are this bad at 30, I may be blind at 40. Oh well, there are some neat changes headed our way and I am truly excited for them. Thanks for saying hi!

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