So What About Poetry?

Family reunions are rad.  Yup, rad.  My wife and I spent this past week in Wisconsin getting reaquanted with oodles of family.  We had golf, ribs, squirt-guns, a yard bee, a Brewers game, laughs, memories, water slides, church, Sunday roast, conversation, adjustments, and lots and lots and lots of talking.  One of the things that lots of people had questions about was my work in graduate school.  Oh yeah, grad school.  I have a paper due tomorrow.  5 pages.  Peace of cake.  Is it true?  Yup, I digress.

I learned that Aunt Carol loved (loves?) haiku.  Jackpot.  She shared her elementary haiku with me and I was astonished.  I shared my farting poem with her.  She was flabbergasted.  What agreat dinner topic.  Farting and roses.  Cute.

So for the whole world to know, even those freaks that profile people and create alter-egos off of somebody else’s life, here’s the status of grad school:

I have a year left.  My thesis will either be a memoir or a collection of poetry.  About what?  You have to have a key to my safe-deposit box for those answers, so stay tuned.  And yes, my class got cancelled so I’m down to three instead of four classes for the summer.  That’s way more managable!

Talk of blogs also came up over the weekend, so I started thinking about mine.  Here I am with a blog titled poetic matter and yet I rarely discuss poetry.  I spend a lot of time philosophizing or bantering about one thing or another and call it poetic because Ralph Waldo Emerson called it poetic.  The irony here is that Emerson missed the boat on so many things.  But I’ll save that for another post.

I will try and write some thoughts on poetry from time to time.  I have been reading quite a bit of it lately, and I’ve had many corresponding thoughts.  So I’ll share them.  But I still won’t post my own poetry on this blog for several reasons:

  1. Publishing
  2. Pirates
  3. Pilates

If I were to post a poem here and then try to submit it to a literary magazine or website for publication, 90% of them would turn me down because it has already been “published.”  Journals (reputable ones anyways) want first printing rights and often times electronic rights.  This isn’t the case with every magazine out there but it is closer to the norm.  So I don’t even consider posting drafts anymore because I am still holding on to the dream of opening Poetry Magazine and seeing my name in the table of contents.

Publishing poems on my blogs also allows people to copy my work and slap their name on it.  Yes, this is a bit neurotic on my part, and probably a bit over-protective, but if I work hard for something, I usually want my name on it.

Palates has nothing to do with why I don’t post poetry.  I just wanted another P word.  Well, this is one of the most pointless posts presented to people in the history of A Poetic Matter.  So I shall retire for the night.


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