Dear Sleep, can we talk about this?

So I wouldn’t trade the experience of becoming a dad for anything.  But two stints of 3 hours of sleep in the past 48+ hours makes for…weariness.  Sorry about the three dots, I nodded off for a bit.  Anyways, there’s lots of cool things about babies.  To date, my favorite interaction with him–if I can call it that–is skin to skin. I’m supposed to wake him up for feeding by holding against my chest with direct skin to skin contact.  Instead of waking him, he puts me to sleep and we nap for an hour.  So while I regret the absence of a whole night of sleep, I’ll take a lifetime supply of naps, just me and my boy.


2 thoughts on “Dear Sleep, can we talk about this?

  1. Yep, I what that feels like. In my mind, there’s tired, then exhausted, then dead…then baby-tired! Also, I really like it when they’re little and they nap on my chest – Beverly has pix of me with each of ours.

  2. I am working on 5+ years of not sleeping through the night. It has caused several health problems for me this summer. I hope you have a sleeper! Now Tab is sleeping through the night but has to get up and go potty. At least the girls haven’t tried Tobin and Ardens trick. Enjoy the naps their is nothing nicer than cuddling with your baby and skin to skin is so good for both of you! It will help keep Ander’s calm and it’s a way to get in tummy sleeping time that’s okay since he’s on your chest. He will regulate his breathing and hear rate to yours so keep napping with him and treasure the memeries. Congratulations again and a big welcome to Ander.

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