Press Release: Somewhere, Love: A Tanka Sequence by J.E. Jacobson

I would like formally announce the release of my latest poetry collection, Somewhere, Love.  I’ve been working on this project since February, and I can finally share it with the public.  I set out to write something special for my wife for after our first son was born.  I’ve heard of many cases of women having trouble feeling valued after they get home from the hospital and the husband goes back to work.  I wanted Sarah to have something tangible in her hands to know that I love her while I’m away at work.  The result is this book of poetry.

A tanka sequence is a collection of 100 tanka poems.  The tanka is to the Japanese what the sonnet is to the English and Italians.  Tanka poems are actually the predecessor to haiku.  Lovers in 800 AD Japan would communicate and respond via Tanka poems.  There’s more to the story, but you’ll have to read the book!

To get all the details, buy my book and read the introduction!


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