So many politics, so little time…

I’m taking a poetry class right now, and my professor has posted link after link connecting to blogs of poets all across the country.  Why do liberal political views of art go hand in hand?  I don’t know.  Anyways, I’ve been watching the Saddleback forum where Rick Warren interviews both presidential candidates.  You can find them on you tube or this blog has them all in one nice page.

It’s an interesting listen despite your world view…I think.  Anyways, Rick Warren suggests that church and state should remain separate, but that faith and politics should remain united because faith comes down to world view, and it’s important to know the world views of the candidates.

What do you think?  Is this forum crossing the line?  Forcing a Christian bias?  A good way to see the candidates discuss something else besides each other?


2 thoughts on “So many politics, so little time…

  1. Some things shouldn’t have anything to do with religion. The more ties it has to that, the more criticism from that religion crosses over.

  2. So because something is open to criticism it should be avoided? That’s seems pretty limiting to me.

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