Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I just finished my poetry class and am now trying to get all caught up on grading.  There’s always something to do.  I have several blogs in the works though.  I’ll review a book by Luci Shaw, link to some of my recordings, and share my journey of trying to get published.  Yup, I’ve got several poems from this last class that are close to being done…and strong enough to send out.  I’ll keep you posted.  Or the blog posted. What?

I was driving home today thinking about bumber stickers.  They’re funny.  People paste all sorts of beliefs on their cars, from Jesus fish to the christian darwin thing that eats fish, to ribbons, to perverse sayings, to political issues.  I saw one car today pasted with Obama stickers.  The one that got my thinker going was was the largest sticker on the car: “Hope.”  That’s nice.  The O is the oh-so-identifiable Obama O. Oh. So…

I’m amazed at how wrapped up people are with these religious crushes on Obama.  The guy is a guy.  Maybe you’re excited for change. Maybe you think he’ll bring something new to Washington–that’s what he said on the campaign trail.  People are glad that McCain lost because he was a liar.  I hear Obama say he was going to bring a clean slate to Washington.  So why did he appoint a former Clinton official for his Chief of Staff?  Why is he strongly considering Hilary to be Secratary of State?  Are these people new to Washington? No. So why isn’t Obama lying like all the other politicans?  Or has the definition “lie” changed in last 13 days?

I have hope.  But not in any president or government or politician.  I often wonder how dangerous it is to place so much expectation and hope on a human being–a mysterious one at that. Enough of the politcal rant.  Happy Tuesday.  Hope for better things…like Al Gore sacrificing himself to the Mother.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Ah, grades and assessments it’s that time of year. I am frantically trying to get all the assessments done and the grades entered into the computer by next Tuesday so I can enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving with Ted and family. Hope you have a relaxing time off and enjoy Anders first Thanksgiving.

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