A New Look…

I spent some time looking back on some old blogs, and there’s some funny stuff. I haven’t written anything that makes me laugh in a while. So here you go…something funny: my hair.

I don’t have much…or any if you ask my students. Sometimes this is a good thing. I never get bed head. I can wear a hat anytime and within seconds be reader to look presentable. Wind? My hairless head laughs at the thought of tussling (and shivers at the thought of winter, wait…I’m being positive here). There are some drawbacks to being bald. Sometimes I have to wear a hat to bed because it’s just that cold. Yup. Nerdy. I sunburn easily in the summer and freeze in the winter. I go through pillowcases like none other. Vaseline should hire me as a producer. Gross huh? Some would categorize this as an overshare. Probably, but hey, there’s beauty in baldness.

I haven’t always been bald. In fact, as a kid, I was always trying something new with my look.  I’ve tried shaving just the sides for a ridiculous un-mohawk type look. I’ve tried the slick back thing. When I was in high school, it was trendy to only grow hair on the top of your head, and shave the sides and back. Yup, did that, too. I’ve had the business combover (not the bald type, people, come on) and a mullet. I bleached it once. I think that’s what started the balding process–I remember feeling my hair burn away from my scalp. It didn’t grow so well after that. So, how did all these hairstyles work out for me? Well, my hair never won me any dates and now I’m bald and married. I promised myself when I was 12 that when I started going bald, I would just shave it. So there you have it. I don’t have so many options for my hair now, and I grew a beard. Go figure.

Besides messing with hair, I like newness. Whether it’s rearranging a room or my classroom, buying a new pair of shoes, starting a new class, writing a new poem, or shoveling snow for the first time this season, I like mixing it up. So I hope you enjoy the new look of my blog.

[Edit 12/11]

A note about the header image. I took a graduate level photography class at University College last summer (as in 07…so I guess it would be two summers ago). We were given three rolls of film and told to shoot them all.  Outside of class, my neighbor had just helped me cut down our dead aspen tree in the front yard. I can still hear the shattering sound when it hit the street. All the other neighbors watching oohed and aaahed. In an attempt to get a cool stump shot, I took these two pictures. Unintentionally, two inedependent pictures on the roll of film make one interesting picture. Another example of this mishap is on the photos page, where I’ll post more as time allows.


5 thoughts on “A New Look…

  1. I’m going to have to do something with my hair – soon to be lack of – soon. I too said I would shave it when it got too bald, but I just don’t know. It seems like a lot of work. My hair grows so fast I would probably have to shave it everyday. That is a huge time commitment.

    But entertaining post Joel.

  2. Makes you look even more like our dad. Enjoy the snow and time with Ted and family this Christmas. We are supposed to get freezing temps and snow/ice mix on Sunday, brrrrrr!

  3. It’s supposed to be cold here on Sunday too. We were supposed to do the Jingle Bell Walk for Arthritis, but with a high of 18 it may be too cold for Anders.

  4. The latest is temps below freezing until Thursday afternoon and then it is supposed to snow too. I worry about the ice more than the snow. At least you have a snow shovel, we use a regular shovel as it only snows enough to need one every couple of years. Keep warm!

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