Hello Audios

I’d like to start off this post by thanking Joe and Scott for the compliments and links. Joe is a great poet and a great teacher. You can find many of his poems linked on his blog. Scott is a fellow teacher and writer, and if you like video games, check him out.  I mean his blog. Weird.  Anyways, thanks guys (and everyone that’s linked here that I don’t know about–here’s a shout out).

On the right, you’ll notice a graphic that says “Yudu” under the title My Recordings. I’ve uploaded some poems that my friend (and musical genius) Garrett Hope wrote music for and recorded. Give them a listen, put them on your ipod, whatever. I’d enjoy hearing your responses!

The three pieces that are up right now are: Bureaucrat’s Dream, Americana, and Drowning Mediocrity. The last one is my first attempt at rap. I know I don’t have a career in showbiz, so as Emily Dickinson says, “Judge tenderly of me!”

In case you can’t see the graphic, click here instead. I have also listed each piece individually.


6 thoughts on “Hello Audios

  1. No I haven’t. The last time I saw him was at the reunion in Wyoming, and Sarah and I had talked about going to one of his gigs, but it never worked out.

  2. Too bad, I think you would enjoy working with him or playing some things for him. It would be interesting to see what/how he would put music to some of you poems. Pull Garrett in and it would be something!

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