Arrr–Walk the plank

I’ve been raided by a pirate ship. Big nasty pirates with yellow buck-teeth and a bead of spittle at the elbow of the lips (what else would it be called?). I fared okay, I only lost a few limbs. I named them as the fell, fighting the entire way I might add, into the abyss. I say goodbye first to Motivation. I already miss you but something had to give, and you did–right at the socket. Motivation was followed shortly thereafter by Creativity. I couldn’t really save either of you, shackled by Schedule at the heart of the ship. But don’t despair. I will come after you. I will save you. On guard!

During the raid, I was caught reading Mary Oliver’s Collected Poems 1992. It won an award. I only made it a few poems in. One of the first poems, “Rain” was a section poem starting with water and then exploring various things–it was kind of neat but nothing jumped out and grabbed me like a pirate. I gave up after a few poems. Sorry Ms. Oliver, but Motivation stole the book when he walked the plank. So now I’m reading Updike’s selected poems before more pirates show up.


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