I’ve been looking at my blog stats over the course of the past year, and two entries have received far more attention than anything else:

These two entries could not be more different. The first was just an FYI for a resource for anyone out there who may care to teach poetry, and the latter was an introduction to a project I was working on for grad school–a brief analysis of 4 major schools (if they can be called that) of poetry. The first hasn’t been advertised or linked from another website. The second appeared was linked from Silliman’s blog. Both have over 800 unique hits.  Both still receive multiple hits per day.

Which leads me to the question: who the heck is my audience? I’m going to try a poll and see what type of people read regularly. Maybe nobody will respond. Either way, I hope this is a fun way to figure out who’s out there. If you want to leave more info than the poll allows, leave a comment. This could be embarrassing. We’ll see.

[Edit] It will skew results, but feel free to click as many boxes as apply.


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