Another Poem

I’m proud to announce that Catapult Magazine has accepted another one of my poems, “Poolside”. Click here to read it. This is one of my poems in my chapbook, “The Brightest Hour”.


6 thoughts on “Another Poem

  1. Congratulations, Joel! Catapult is lucky to have that poem—a beautiful piece. I wonder if anyone’s ever done an anthology of poems about mirrors….? Yours would be in it!

  2. Thanks, Joe! I appreciate your help and guidance–I guess it was only last year that I worked on my capstone…seems like ages.

  3. Congratulations! Like Joe said, “Catapult is lucky to have that poem,” and it IS one of my favorites from your chapbook. I had favorites that made me smile, cry, or marvel at the beauty and/or truth your words created. “Poolside” made me cry last year and brought tears again this year. It generates an accurate, fascinating picture of your growth in stature and in wisdom – those boys in the mirror are all still there looking right back at you! May you always find time to write…

  4. Joe–Yes, I’m still writing as much as I can. John, Rachel, and I still get together every month to workshop so that really helps. I’m submitting quite a bit, and getting rejected quite a bit. Part of the process eh? Our baby boy is due any day now so we’ll see what kind of whacked out sleep-deprived stuff I can come up with next!

    Mom–the more you can babysit the more I can write! 🙂

  5. congrats Joel! Like your mom said those boys are still there, looking back at you! I hope they will always be a part of you, one that you remember and access as your boys grow up. You may even see more reflections of those boys as you watch/help and guide your boys.

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