Read the Pictures

Reading with my son this evening, he stopped me on a page with a guitar (it’s a stage, I’m sure, but he loves guitars. Everything’s a guitar–old cell phones, hockey sticks, cribbage boards, books, hats, dowels, plastic shovels, plastic screwdrivers, the list and the song go on). After telling me all about that guitar, he said, “Read me this picture, Daddy.”

Such a wonderful, simple request. I pointed to the words and explained that I was reading the words, and the words were about the picture. How could I explain to him that reading the picture was the best way to read? How could I use words that he would understand, words that would encouraged him to always find the pictures, always read them, study them, remember them? Because over time the pictures vanish from books, the pace of life blurs the rest of the pictures, and before you know it you don’t know what you’re looking at or what you’re looking for. “Read the picture, Daddy.” You too, little guy. Let’s read them together.


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