From the Darkness: A Poem

From the Darkness

by Joel E. Jacobson

from the darkness
of snakes and statues

from the dim
reflection of Perseus’s mirror

from the spark
of sword on spine

a breath of joy
in lifting the bride’s veil

a rise of wings
like alto-stratus clouds

the Pegasus
unbridled and bright

a paradox purging the presence
and absence of shadow


I wrote this poem as part of my chapbook, “The Brightest Hour”, but it fits really nicely with today’s prompt at One Stop Poetry.


3 thoughts on “From the Darkness: A Poem

  1. This is simply one of your best poems, amigo. Wow! The integration of mythic consciousness without the sense of fusty academic references is tough to accomplish, but you do it.

    By the way, you should look into a book called How It Is, by V. F. Cordova, the first Native American PhD in philosophy, sadly no longer with us. I think it could be up your alley, in a usefully contrarian way….

  2. Very condense and tightly written yet your poem soars out of the murk into the light of knowledge. Well done. Thanks for linking today. Gay

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