Haviland and Free Music

A couple friends of mine, Aaron Espy and Mike Ayars, have just released a collaborative EP under the band name Haviland. You can listen to their songs for free on their website, or buy them for download at iTunes and/or Amazon. Aaron is one of the best songwriters/singers I’ve ever heard. I know I should be able to describe it, being a writer and all, but you just have to hear it and you’ll know what I mean. Mike, former guitarist for Meese, is a dynamic guitarist who knows enough theory to make my brain melt. If you like to support musicians who aren’t corporate kiss-ups,  who care more about using their talents to the best of their abilities, who care about taking care of their friends and families, then maybe they would interest you. Cool guys and super creative music. Oh, and it’s mixed by Ben Wysocki of the Fray. So you know it’s not just a couple of hacks playing around with Garage Band in their spare time. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Okay, I’ll stop now and just let you enjoy the music.)


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