About Me

I currently teach high school English and Creative Writing at an option school in Jefferson County, Colorado. I live with my beautiful wife and two boys, and we try to take Haiku the Wonder Dog out for as much exercise as possible. Otherwise, she eats the diapers. I don’t really have spare time, but I do have a trunk load of things I do besides teach. I hold a Masters in Liberal Studies with a major in Creative Writing from University College at Denver University. I play bass. I read.

When it comes to literature, I am most passionate about poetry–the idea of capturing a glimpse of humanity with a glimpse of words, all reflecting the awe of creation (as both process and product). I’m working on writing poems and getting published, not to prove anything to anybody, but to add my part into the chorus of artists and writers trying to figure it all out. I’m figuring out what means to be an influential teacher, all the while trying to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus.

I haven’t yet figured out if my inner poet drives me to teach or if my inner teacher drives me to poetry, or if my faith drives both. Either way, you will my thoughts, reactions, and resources regarding all three subjects.

Thanks for stopping by.

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