The Art of the Very Short Poem

I recently took a class on very short poetry at the Lighthouse Lit Fest. One of the prompts Lynn Wagner had us do was to highlight words from longer poems to create our own very short poem. Fun exercise. I’m not normally a fan of found poetry, but this one turned out okay. I chose to use Emily Dickinson’s 788. Dickinson’s words are in gray, and I’ve highlighted my choices. I’ll post a few more later this week. Enjoy!

Publication – is the Auction
Of the Mind of Man –
Poverty – be justifying
For so foul a thing
Possibly – but We – would rather
From Our Garret go
White – unto the White Creator –
Than invest – Our Snow –
Thought belong to Him who gave it –
Then – to Him Who bear
It’s Corporeal illustration – sell
The Royal Air –
In the Parcel – Be the Merchant
Of the Heavenly Grace
But reduce no Human Spirit
To Disgrace of Price –

Hello Audios

I’d like to start off this post by thanking Joe and Scott for the compliments and links. Joe is a great poet and a great teacher. You can find many of his poems linked on his blog. Scott is a fellow teacher and writer, and if you like video games, check him out.  I mean his blog. Weird.  Anyways, thanks guys (and everyone that’s linked here that I don’t know about–here’s a shout out).

On the right, you’ll notice a graphic that says “Yudu” under the title My Recordings. I’ve uploaded some poems that my friend (and musical genius) Garrett Hope wrote music for and recorded. Give them a listen, put them on your ipod, whatever. I’d enjoy hearing your responses!

The three pieces that are up right now are: Bureaucrat’s Dream, Americana, and Drowning Mediocrity. The last one is my first attempt at rap. I know I don’t have a career in showbiz, so as Emily Dickinson says, “Judge tenderly of me!”

In case you can’t see the graphic, click here instead. I have also listed each piece individually.