Haviland and Free Music

A couple friends of mine, Aaron Espy and Mike Ayars, have just released a collaborative EP under the band name Haviland. You can listen to their songs for free on their website, or buy them for download at iTunes and/or Amazon. Aaron is one of the best songwriters/singers I’ve ever heard. I know I should be able to describe it, being a writer and all, but you just have to hear it and you’ll know what I mean. Mike, former guitarist for Meese, is a dynamic guitarist who knows enough theory to make my brain melt. If you like to support musicians who aren’t corporate kiss-ups,  who care more about using their talents to the best of their abilities, who care about taking care of their friends and families, then maybe they would interest you. Cool guys and super creative music. Oh, and it’s mixed by Ben Wysocki of the Fray. So you know it’s not just a couple of hacks playing around with Garage Band in their spare time. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Okay, I’ll stop now and just let you enjoy the music.)


When Daydreams End

I have uploaded another recording performed at a graduate recital at the University of Northern Colorado. Garrett Hope composed this piece for a men’s quartet. The process of writing this poem was a challenge as Garrett already had the idea to write choral music for a translation of Victor Hugo’s “Tomorrow at Daybreak” but the translator wouldn’t grant permission to use the words in the piece.  So, Garrett asked if I could write something that would fit the music. So, as Mary Oliver suggests, I did my best Victor Hugo imitation. I tried to write a poem that sounded syllabically and tonally similar, but still portraying an image from my own journey. Click on the link below to listen, comments are welcome.

When Daydreams End
When Daydreams End

Hello Audios

I’d like to start off this post by thanking Joe and Scott for the compliments and links. Joe is a great poet and a great teacher. You can find many of his poems linked on his blog. Scott is a fellow teacher and writer, and if you like video games, check him out.  I mean his blog. Weird.  Anyways, thanks guys (and everyone that’s linked here that I don’t know about–here’s a shout out).

On the right, you’ll notice a graphic that says “Yudu” under the title My Recordings. I’ve uploaded some poems that my friend (and musical genius) Garrett Hope wrote music for and recorded. Give them a listen, put them on your ipod, whatever. I’d enjoy hearing your responses!

The three pieces that are up right now are: Bureaucrat’s Dream, Americana, and Drowning Mediocrity. The last one is my first attempt at rap. I know I don’t have a career in showbiz, so as Emily Dickinson says, “Judge tenderly of me!”

In case you can’t see the graphic, click here instead. I have also listed each piece individually.