The Teacher Poet: A (very) Short Tanka Series

The gurus at Tweetspeak Poetry have issued the challenge of writing a resume as a poem. So here’s my resume, in case anybody is hiring:

The Teacher Poet by Joel E. Jacobson

high school student
interprets literary classics
said English teachers
I loved to hate

knowing little
about myself or careers,
the college plan
changed and changed and changed,
rough drafts to discover purpose

desert wanderer
working as a corporate trainer–
a teaching mirage?
Shouldn’t drinking be a symbol
for knowledge and a full life?

English teacher
responsible for classics
he read in his youth;
these graduates’ embrace
years later, understanding


Wisp in Wyoming

I’m pleased to be a guest blogger on the Tweetspeak Poetry blog. Click here to read about breaking down in the middle of Wyoming in below-zero weather.

Blindsided: Writing Prompt from TSP

Every Day Poems posted this photograph as a prompt on their facebook page.

by Joel E. Jacobson

It’s when I’m already running late
that I hit every light red,
that I get stuck behind
the only guy in the state
whose 10-under-the-speed-limit-
bumper-sticker message to me
is that I need to celebrate world peas,
Darwin fish eats Jesus fish,
I should wish for coexistence–

by the way
that irony
is not funny
to me

My one, true desire
is for you to get a flat tire,
pull over, and suffer
for your rush-hour sins
of being a hindrance.

Full of haste, I jerk the wheel
to fly around the hippy imbecile
when I hear the honk and squeal
and swerve back into my place in line.

My heart pounds like my mind did
moments before being blindsided
by the slap of flapping wings
in the face of judgement.

The Dandelion Poet

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, and it pains me. For those who are wondering though, I am still writing, and I’m pleased to be a guest blogger again at TweetSpeak Poetry. Check it out.

Why Poetry, in a Simpson’s World?

I’m honored to be a guest blogger at Tweetspeak Poetry today. If you haven’t heard of TS Poetry, they host twitter poetry parties, host Every Day Poems, and have published some fantastic books. Check them out, buy their books, join the party! Oh, and read my post on why poetry matters!

Willy Loman: A Catalog Poem

Over at the discussion surrounds a technique called cataloging. Here’s my attempt with a little inspiration from Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. Enjoy and share your thoughts if you have time.

Willy Loman

by Joel E. Jacobson

I went on a date with America
and she slipped a pill into my beer.
As I faded like a bad TV show,
she told me that success was in the pudding,
that I would be a man if I had millions,
and millions would admire me
for being the embodiment of her dream.
My boys would respect me
and my wife would be interesting
and I would see me and know me and be me,
standing above the rabblement.
I awoke to find her picking up
shredded economic forecasts,
stock reports, and quarterly earnings,
weaving them into a noose.